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Register your home before 31 from December to 2021 and enjoy a 50% discount on our Complete Management service.

* Discount applicable for new hires during the year 2021. Only valid for our Complete Management service. The discount will be active during the academic year 2021-2022 (end the day 30 June 2022).

Discover the advantages of our business model

At Uroom we focus on renting rooms or entire apartments to students and young professionals. We achieve greater economic profitability by minimizing the risks of non-payment and incidents.

  • We have agreements with the main universities and a great demand for rooms by students.
  • We can take care of making a professional photo book.
  • We promote accommodation on student portals and platforms, universities and educational centers nationally and internationally.
  • We achieve a large number of foreign student reservations before arriving in Spain.
  • We maximize the time of permanence by making visits and new hires prior to the end of each contract.
  • We offer different management options, from the most basic to complete management, with maximum transparency.
  • We constantly monitor the good condition of the property.
  • We advise on the adaptation of rooms and prices (the final decision is always yours).
  • Flexibility and easy availability of the apartment at the end of the contracts.


We offer personalized advice for each owner from the beginning
(updating of the house and its furniture, reforms, rental prices ...).
We can take care of everything until the end of the contract (key management, bail,
periodic and final review of the state of the home ...).

We can ensure the collection of the full rent.

Management types

According to the management contract between the owner and Uroom, the responsibility for the tasks in relation to the house and the tenants is distributed as follows:

1. Basic management

  • Property promotion: ad, promotion and marketing of the property.
  • Gestion of reservs: search and selection of students for rooms.
  • Management: realization of the rental contracts with each of the students, bail management, tax advice, etc.
  • Legal assistance: advice to the owner during the term of the contracts.

It is the ideal model for those owners who can dedicate part of their time to solve incidents of the students who are staying in their property.

2. Collections management

This management model includes everything indicated in Basic Management plus the following

  • Management of rental charges for each room, and pay the owner.
  • Management of consumption invoices (Water, gas and electricity).

3. Complete management

  • Property promotion: ad, promotion and marketing of the property.
  • Furniture: We take care of furnishing the apartment and adapting it to the profile of tenants to whom you want to rent the house.
  • Complete reservation management: search, selection and visits to the home.
  • Preparation of the housing instructions report: said report will have the instructions of the electrical appliances, location of counters and cut-off keys, as well as any relevant information.
  • Collection management: we manage income and consumption expenses.
  • Keys, check-in y check-out: we take care of the arrival and departure of tenants.
  • Cleaning service management.
  • Periodic review of the common areas of the house.
  • Buy and replace the necessary material (household, textiles etc.) Uroom always consults the owner.
  • Floor maintenance service: we manage repairs of any kind (painting, plumbing, electricity…) by home insurance.
  • Bail management: we carry out a thorough examination of the property before the return of the deposit.
  • Legal and tax advice: we advise on all legal and tax procedures related to the rental.

Uroom will inform each student about the type of management that the owner of their apartment has contracted to know who to contact during their stay.


At the end of each course it is essential to clean and review every last detail. We can do it.

  • Laundry service. All the textiles in the house will be washed and ironed (curtains, mantas, towels and sheets).
  • Housekeeping. It will be done when the house is empty, It will consist of a general cleaning of the house in depth with emphasis on the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Additional services to the owner

  • Comprehensive reforms.
  • Photo book + plano.
  • Cleaning of common areas.
  • Tuning add-on.
  • 24h emergency phone.
  • Advertising campaign on social networks.

Types of owners

Housing rental by rooms

It is the most requested rental by our clients.

It is about renting the entire house by rooms where students will stay and
young professionals.

It is also possible to rent one or more rooms if it is the case that in the
home resides a family member who is a university student or young professional.
You must comply with the rules of the Uroom Manual like the rest of the tenants.

Host family

It consists of accommodating the student with the family. Podrán acogerse a esta modalidad los propietarios que cuenten con alguna habitación libre adecuada o adaptable a las necesidades de los estudiantes.

En caso de que sea necesario, podemos ayudarle a hacer una puesta a punto low cost.

Inquilino a medida. Podrás elegir su perfil con anterioridad (chico/chica, nacional/internacional, rango de edad, etc..) Contrato y normas de convivencia adaptado a cada caso.

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